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Your company's future rests on the performance of your people. wrk provides a range of screening & checks that can scale from helping the smallest local businesses to the largest Australian companies. How can you trust a wrk pre employment check or verification? All of our checks and verifications are performed by our industry partner MVSI (My Verification Services International). MVSI are an Australian industry leader in probity and background checks and you can be assured wrk and MVSI have your privacy and security held in the highest regard. Whether you are kicking off a large new project or hiring a new staff member, make wrk pre-employment checks an integral part of your on-boarding process. We ensure your candidates are job ready, compliant and ready to work. If you have high volumes, or you need a company that understands the value of current licences, qualifications and certifications, wrk has a range of pre-employment checks designed to ensure you get the right people on the job - fast! Visit our verification page to see our range of checks or contact us today to talk about your requirements. wrk can verify your new recruits Fast!

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Select from the widest range of verifications and checks online in one secure location. Verifications and checks are stored within the wrk profile to provide unparalleled transparency. Verified wrk profiles increase your teams credibility and removes compliance risk completely.

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